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  • Prioritize content: Explain what and why immediately.
  • Use short, strong sentences.
  • Provide valuable pullouts.
  • Lists draw attention.
  • Bold and italics draw attention to key concepts in paragraphs. Use sparingly.
  • Always include contact information. Note: Provided by template in consistent location.

Tip: We read in an F-shaped pattern: The first 2 words are important in every title and paragraph to tell the reader what it is about.

Tip: Create white space between paragraphs with sub-headings. White space can increase comprehension of a page by 20%.


The rain forest, ice field, wetlands and marine environments of Southeast Alaska are a part of our classrooms. As a student in Natural Sciences, Social Sciences or Humanities, you will take part in outdoor learning and research to complement your university classroom and online experiences.

Engage in small classes with top-notch faculty where you can form strong relationships. Gain experience and skills with internship and practicum opportunities with local organizations such as:

  • Alaska State Legislature
  • Perseverance Theatre
  • Sealaska Heritage Institute


The UAS School of Arts & Sciences is comprised of three departments that offer a wide variety of programs and all of the General Education Requirements (GERs).  Learning and research take place not only in classrooms or online, but also in the rain forest, ice field, wetlands, and marine environment of Southeast Alaska. Small classes with top notch faculty let you build relationships while pursuing your goals. Internship and practicum opportunities with the Alaska State Legislature, Perseverance Theatre, Sealaska Heritage Institute, and other organizations allow you to gain experience, knowledge and skill.