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Compare image results

Image Prep Example

Below are two images that may appear very similar but were handled very differently. If you have a very fast internet connection you might not notice the differences as much but with a modem connection the differences are quite noticeable.

Photo w/out image prep Photo w/ image prep

Image without Preparation

The image on the left was imported into the CMS w/out preparing for the web, other than it being a .jpg. The photo has not been cropped, enhanced or scaled for the page. It appears the same size as the photo on the right but was scaled in the CMS to 250x167. The actual image size is 2100x1400 pixels. Depending on your internet connection you may have noticed that it loaded much slower than its counterpart on the right. The size of this photo is 404Kb.

Image with Preparation

The image on the right was prepared in Photoshop by following the 4 steps outlined on the photo prep page. This photo was first cropped to focus on the child shaking Spikes hand while also adjusting curves, sharpening and increasing the color saturation of the photograph. The most critical step is that the photo was sized in Photoshop to 250x167 pixels prior to importing into the CMS. The size of this photo is 16Kb.